Conference Adeline Rispal – HEAD Geneva February 16th at 17h30 ” Scenography of our needs”

During a scenography workshop at HEAD – Geneva, organized by Victor Durschei from February 16th to 20th, Adeline Rispal will give a conference “Scenography of our needs”.




These objects which connect us to the others

Text: Adeline Rispal

IMAGE : Caida visualization tools
IMAGE : Caida visualization tools

When I wrote this paper late 2010 for the ICMAH conference in Shanghai “Original – Copy – Fake / On the significance of the object in history and archaeology museums”, headed by the historian and curator Marie-Paule Jungblut, we where working on a competition for the Musée-Cité of Economy and Currency for the Bank of France in Paris. In this project, as in any other, what we where attempting to highlight in the museum spaces was the complexity of human mechanics. It was the opportunity to think about the notions of value and exchange.
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