Call for Creation of the National Center for Exhibition in France

Une salle de l'UCCA dans le District 798 de Pékin

On May 12, the XPO Federation published a column in Le Monde  calling for the creation of a National Centre for Exhibition on the model of the CNC, the CNL or the CNM. An autonomous public agency, at the crossroads of the ministries concerned. Its mission? To support the entire exhibition chain (private and public) at all levels: national and international monitoring, dialogue between trades, public/private, training, guidelines on good practices, pooling of resources, management of the sector’s international relations, etc.

The National Centre for Exhibition becomes the reference, the “French Expo”, a bridge between the players and, in fact, acts as an accelerator of the changes underway in the world of culture and education.

The role of the NCE (CNE)

The non-exhaustive and evolving list of professions concerned, in both public and private organizations, is as follows: cultural actors from local authorities, national institutions, museums, heritage sites, public and private exhibition producers, curators, exhibition curators, exhibition managers, mediators, historians, scientists, researchers, professionals in education and training in exhibition-related professions, architects, technical design offices, conservation specialists, interpretive planners, scenographers, exhibit designers, lighting designers, graphic designers, sound designers, audiovisual, multimedia and digital engineers, digital audiovisual producers, equipment operators, iconographers, documentalists, manufacturing and equipment companies, mount designers, translators, art transporters, insurers…

As an autonomous public agency, the NCE represents the entire exhibition ecosystem and defends its diversity and professionalism, both in France and internationally. It acts in concert with public and private cultural institutions, local authorities, federations, associations and unions in the trades concerned. It works in conjunction with the Ministries of Culture, Finance, Higher Education, Research and Innovation, Foreign Affairs and Territorial Cohesion.

The three missions of the NCE

1- The NCE supports and federates the French exhibition industry (cultural institutions, local authorities, designers, companies, training organizations, etc.) in order to boost it both nationally and internationally.  It promotes the sector’s societal, ecological and digital transition.

2- The NCE encourages and mutualizes exchanges between the different professions and territories. It defines and guarantees the good professional practices of all players.

3- The NCE monitors and supports research in the field of exhibition, particularly in terms of audience practices, innovation and experimentation in France and internationally. It collaborates with university and professional training organizations.

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These objects which connect us to the others

Text: Adeline Rispal

IMAGE : Caida visualization tools
IMAGE : Caida visualization tools

When I wrote this paper late 2010 for the ICMAH conference in Shanghai “Original – Copy – Fake / On the significance of the object in history and archaeology museums”, headed by the historian and curator Marie-Paule Jungblut, we where working on a competition for the Musée-Cité of Economy and Currency for the Bank of France in Paris. In this project, as in any other, what we where attempting to highlight in the museum spaces was the complexity of human mechanics. It was the opportunity to think about the notions of value and exchange.
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