About Invisibl.eu

What is the invisibl.eu blog for?

invisibl.eu is a blog for cross-disciplinary thinking about exhibition architecture. Seemingly situated in the domain of the visible, this activity, whose prime purpose is to bring people together with the works of humankind, essentially operates in the realm of the invisible.

Invisible is also that field of cross-disciplinary activities that suffers, in France and the rest of Europe, from a lack of recognition, owing to the extremely recent professionalization of the related skills, to the need for theorization about the issues involved, to the lack of critical reviews of exhibition design, to the ever-growing media coverage of museum architecture, collections and scientific discourse. The resultant exhibition is, however, a sublimated synthesis of knowledge in which these different disciplines interconnect.

Invisible is also teaching exhibition architecture, which currently focuses only on set design.

Invisible, lastly, remains this craft, called, according to different schools and countries, “museography”, “scenography”, “Austellungarchitektur”, “exhibition design” and other types of “spatial design”, while being, in actual fact, a field of architecture.

invisibl.eu therefore aims to help professionals, students and people interested in architecture to better understand and reflect upon the issues involved in exhibition architecture, a domain at the crossroads of symbolic, historical, urban, political, architectural, scientific, functional, technical, financial, epistemological and ethical needs.

invisibl.eu wants to hear from exhibition architecture professionals: architects, exhibition designers, set designers, cultural engineers, art critics, conservators, museum directors, curators, script writers, social science researchers, specialists in lighting, multimedia, signage, communication and mediation; sound and interactive software designers, map-makers, film directors, engineers in all fields, economists, bloggers, museum buffs… We are interested in your contributions: send us your drafts for articles,* they’ll be read and approved by an editorial committee.

invisibl.eu also wishes to hear from visitors to exhibitions or other places of learning, for they are our real “clients”. If you are not museum professionals but simply museum-goers, do not hesitate to write to us, to share your criticism or enthusiasm with us. We shall publish your messages on a regular basis and museum professionals will respond to them if necessary.

* style guide: three formats are accepted: either 500, 2,500 or 6,000 characters, illustrated with 1 to 5 photos in jpg 300 dpi (landscape format) .